Am I A Trophy????

Age, is it just a number? I don’t think so. I’m in my forties. Forty-one to be exact. When I think of the correct age demographic for me I feel it should be around 40-55 give a few years in either direction.

So what the hell are men thinking? I’m just saying. I go out, and the men hitting on me are either in their 70’s or 20’s. That’s a big stretch. So I should be a trophy or a cougar?

I do love my old men. Just not in that way. I see them out. We chat it up. They buy me drinks. Just so you know, every so often I buy them one back. They say I shouldn’t. But, hell it’s just good business. I get 10-1 on my investment. The other girls just accept the drinks and move on because these guys are old. I enjoy their conversation, that’s all. I buy them a drink to show I’m a friend and that’s it. Not sure that point is getting across though. One of my older friends told me his other friend was interested in me and he was putting out “feelers” to see if I felt the same.

Umm huh? You mean the guy with white hair who winters in Florida and is retired and I have heard him speak of a girlfriend? Sooo my friend says, “OOH the girl friend, yea he’s done with her spending all his money” Ok we just dropped the hint that he has a lot of money. Well, I don’t hang out in shabby places… “how old is he?”, I asked. My friend says 71. SEVENTY ONE???? Come on? Really? My Dad is 78. That’s just wrong. So very sweetly I respond “he seems like a very nice man…but I just think that’s a stretch…”

When prompted I explained, 20 years from now I’ll be 61 and if he’s not dead he’ll be 91, I would either be taking care of him or starting over…

The response: “thats what the problem is with women, they are always thinking of the future. Live for today!”

HA!!! Had I thought like this 20 years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am today! I feel my best years were wasted. I’m 41. Yes, I am working really hard to keep my stuff looking young. But, I have a window. I won’t look like this forever. This shit is going to fall at some point. I don’t want to be doing this again in 20 years. At my age I can’t afford to waste  time. And not for nothing…I’m not a gold digger. I can’t just have a guy buying me stuff. I work hard for all I have. I feel that it is  just using someone to go out with them for a little while to get what you can out of them. It would be bad karma… It’s wrong. An,d when I was much younger I worked in a nursing home. Just saying…I know what that shit looks like and there isn’t enough money in the world for that! ICK!!!

Old is sometimes too old. I have found the 40/50-year-old men are looking for women in their 20/30’s. Do they realise these women want families and children? So that leaves me the 60/70 year olds? I think not.

I would rather stay home alone and read “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.

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  1. like like like!
    you write about this crap really well! so funny and so, so true!

  2. I laugh at these guys 50s/60s who are looking for the 20/30 year old barbie or perfect 10 they never had. They’re not thinking about a relationship. They want to act out their porn fantasies. hahaha so insecure and shallow. They usually end up alone, miserable and wonder why. They should look in the mirror at their big bellies, bald heads and retirement size wallets. They really need to get a grip on reality.

  3. It’s soooo complicated. I’m finally coming to the conclusion that men my own age are just too old for me. So does that make me a cougar? I guess so, but that’s just not right. I do hear you, but at 41you haven’t even begun to run into the cougar vs sugar-daddy issues. I suggest u focus on men in their fifties–they’re still pretty cool but would consider a 41yr old a catch Forget 60-70s. Too old for u. Leave something for us wrinkles. HaHaHa

  4. Carol Palmer

    You ARE a hard worker, I know that! Anyone would be lucky to have you on his arm.

  5. Honestly I don’t understand men. Now this is a generalization of course. I’m sure there are nice, sane men out there… somewhere. But even online dating is the same with men 50ish, divorced, putting kids through college, paying alimony, and STILL looking for women 35. WTF? Are they prepared to START AGAIN?? These guys are not that rich!!! But that’s even assuming the 35 year old women would even talk to them. I know if I were 35 I sure as hell would not. And I look great/young for my age… I’ve been told a zillion times. So I don’t want to date men in their 60’s, blech. I want to date men my age. But they want younger. So be it. I stay home with my cat… he’s better company, lol.

  6. That’s very funny. I’ve had the same experience, guys with just WAY too many wrinkles making propositions – but what can you do! And yeah, this stuff is falling apart – I speak as one who’s 49. It’s a bit depressing – but then, I remember there’s always a good book.

  7. I’m certainly not going to defend men but as a 40 year old single guy, not all of us are looking at women in their 20’s or 30’s. I’d prefer someone as close to my age as possible. It just seems right to me. I think “we” would have more in common. I want to find someone who makes that ‘new relationship’ feeling last forever. She’s out there somewhere and when I find her I’m going to give her my all and then some. Communucation, laughter, honesty and trust are just a few things that make relationships work. There are good and decent guys out there. It’s just a shame that a few spoiled apples ruin it for the rest of us.


  8. Sorry for the typo’s… 😉 I should of reread what I wrote but I tend to think fast than I type.

    haha Communication!!

  9. Totally agree with you! Good luck to us all girls over 40! One thing I know is: I much rather be a baby sitter than a nurse! 🙂

  10. Only if you let yourself be! You are not a piece of property that one can buy, no you are a perfect treasure who worth and value is always on the rise! Trophy wife is to degrading! Remember there is more to you than any can see, espcially inside where you have to be content with yourself for the lovely and beautiful person that you are! Thanks for visiting my site my sister!

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  16. Mind you you might have some time left. I’m 49 and most people don’t believe it. But I get the same thing as you – 20 year olds and 60 year olds. Nope!

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